New and fresh Scandinavian design in Reykjavik, Iceland

Finally back with something exciting to show you 😉

I recently took a trip to Iceland and took a stroll in downtown Reykjavik, where i found this fantastic store Emami. Very simple and unique style which fits their clothing line perfectly. There were beautiful origami birds hanging from the ceiling around the entrance and flatscreen tv´s in the window explaining the use of their clothing line. Above where the clothes were hanging, there were digital frames showing different looks for each item. Check out their homepage to find out what their all about:

“Emami is a new and fresh Scandinavian design team cooperating with young, innovative designers in making unique, quality clothing. The design is very avant-guard and is based on the theme of limitlessness and multifunction.”

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Summer sales in downtown Odense

Here’s a quick look at some of the window displays i saw in this round of sales here in Odense. Not the most original ideas i’ve seen, more about using signs and posters to get attention. Saw though some good ones, like in Jack & Jones, Esprit and the window below at Carlings… thought it was fun and a bit cheeky 😉

Taking a little trip… Next something from ICELAND, so stay tuned!
Hilsen, Margrét Lind 😉

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Modern and multifunctional way of product exposition

Stumbled upon this shop in Slotsgade, Odense. Love the way they display their products. Everything in it´s right place and perfectly set up 😉

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Jack & Jones beach theme in Odense

Took a stroll in downtown Odense, saw this beach theme at Jack & Jones. Talked with the employees who where hard at work and proud of their window. Good work guys 😉

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Welcome to my Visual merchandising blog

Welcome to my blog about Visual merchandising. Here i will talk about everything i find interesting in the world of Visual merchandising and especially in Denmark, because that’s where i live and where i am studying to be a Visual merchandiser / Dekoratør 😉

So, i hope you find it interesting and enjoyable what i will show you here.

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